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Loki Pumpkin 2012      Loki Pumpkini - The Avengers Movie 2012

Loki, God of Mischief, Halloween Pumpkin

Loki God of Mischief, my Pumpkin for 2012. ( Loki from the Avengers movie)
Various levels of cutting away detail give it a multiple coloured
feel, with clear & red lights inside. The Loki pumpkin was the hardest to carve
as the pumpkin was thick and difficult
to cut, but the template also took
a long time to plan as the detail was hard to discern & draw!
But there is not another one like if you ever see a template or pumpkin
just like this, it was copied from mine...


Pumpkin of Neytiri from the Avatar movie

Avatar's Neytiri Halloween Pumpkin

Pumpkin of Neytiri from the Avatar movie. Only 2 depths of cutting but still
took a while. Here, the template took longer to create than the carving...
I only put these up 2012 and there was nothing like this at all online, so if
anyone has a template or pumpkin like this they took it from seeing this.
For extra effect red & orange lights inside...


The Joker carved Pumpkin

The Joker Halloween Pumpkin

The Joker Pumpkin...from the Batman movie
Various levels of flesh removed and red lights inside
gave an eerie effect not fully captured by the camera.
For extra effect red & clear lights inside...


Minion carved Pumpkin

Happy Minion Halloween Pumpkin

This Pumpkin is a Minion from the movieDespicable Me!
These are quicker to do, as less detail & cut on the same level.

Optimus Prime carved Pumpkin

Transformer Optimus Prime carved pumpkin & don't remember what the
other is, but I think I carved this for a friend who bought a template.
Yellow & red lights inside.



Werewolf carved Pumpkin

Werewolf...the deeper you dig the more the light shows...
I used red, white and orange lights for this one, and
it worked well to help the layers give it depth


Penguin & Dobby carved Pumpkin

These Pumpkins are from Disney Cartoon Penguins movie
& character Dobby from a Harry Potter movie.
For extra effect yellow & orange lights inside...


Disney Cartoon carved Pumpkin

Disney Movie Halloween Pumpkins

These Pumpkins are from Disney movies
The Hunchback & Lion King
For extra effect yellow/red & orange lights inside...


Nemo and Genie Pumpkin

Disney Movie Halloween Pumpkins

These pumpkins are from Disney movies,
Nemo and Alladin's character Genie.
For the fish I cut almost all the way through the eye
area for a brighter effect.
For extra effect yellow & orange lights inside...


Gargoyle carved Pumpkin

This carved pumpkin is from the cartoon Gargoyles...( decades ago!) One of my first attempts at leaving pumpkin flesh and cutting through at various levels.
I had cut all the way through (lazy) in some areas and it was too bright so I softened the light with cellophane. The actual visual result was far more pleasing...
For extra effect yellow & orange lights inside...

I have more photos somewhere from the older shots of carved pumpkins, some are not so great, some are cool...but the Loki template and Loki carved Pumpkin were by far
my most difficult subject to date.

The most recent images were taken on a digital camera,
from which I love the quick results for web view... but I still use a local
Winnipeg photo lab for hard copies

Winnipeg Pumpkin Carving, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada

The last decade or more I usually compost most of my pumpkins, or make doggy biscuits... No flavour, really, so not good for pies as they appear to be mixed with a spaghetti squash, probably to create a larger variety. However the pumpkins are often far too thick or too stringy for ease of carving...and worse it has also made for more waste as not everyone composts!



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My Movie/Cartoon themed Pumpkin Carvings are:
Loki , Maleficent, Optimus Prime, The Joker, Nemo, Alladin's Genie, Werewolf
Hunchback, Lion King, Minion, Neytiri, Gargoyles, Penguins.



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