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Dedicated in 2005 - with gratitude to Parents, Ancestors, Relatives and Friends

This tribute was my anniversary gift, in November, to Mom & Dad...



Jean Righetti - Photo Paul Righetti - Photo

Cpl. Jean M. Thomson (Tommy)
Section Officer

Born:. Oct 7th, 1918, Shropshire, Eng.
Died:. June 11th 2009, Davidson, Sk.

As the woman's side of the forces were not issued log books, mom remembered this about her war days:

War Service:

1941 - Airwoman 1, 2, then Corporal
Brantford, Ont. - 1st station
Toronto, Ont.- Tool Officer's training
Dauphin, Mb.- Section Officer
Winnipeg, Mb.- H.Q. Section Officer and Equipment Officer

Overseas - England
Middleton, St. George, U.K.
Section Officer ( furthest posting North of Bomber Stations )
Mum also drew cartoons for little publications...Wish I had samples
Our Mother met Father in March 1946
at Leeming and they married that year
in Winnipeg, Manitoba Nov.12th

Peace time postings:
Aldermaster & Bournmouth
After the war, Mom was one of the few equipment officers chosen to go to Paris.

Mother really liked her job, and especially the fact that she could say  "I always had several  men under me"

More about Jean Righetti and her
ancestors here: Thomson/Blunt


F/O Paul Adam Righetti
Born:. May 25th, 1922, Odessa, Sask.
Died: April 9th 2011, Davidson, Sk.

War Service:

Oct 1942 - Brandon,Mb. - ACFC Air craftsman 2nd Class
Jan/Feb 1943- Moss Bank, Saskatchewan - Guard Duty
Mar/Apr 1943 - Regina, Sk.- Initial Training School / ITS - ACFC 1st Class
May/Jun 1943 - Fort William, Ont.- Elementery Flying & Pilot Training
July 1943-Brandon-Bomb Aimer Training
Aug/Nov Paulson, Man.
Nov/Dec -Portage La Prairie, Man.

Overseas - England
May 1944 -  Millom, Cumberland
No. 2 (O) AFU
June 1944 -  Wellesbourne Mountford No. 22 OTU
Sept 28, 1944 - Topcliffe, Yorkshire, 1659 HCU
Oct 19, 1944 - Eastmoor, Yorkshire, England 432 Squadron
June 1945 - Leeming, Yorkshire,Eng.
427 Squadron RCAF
European Occupational Force
Sept 1945 - Skipton-on-Swale
Yorkshire, Eng. 424 Squadron
Oct. 1945 - Mar. 1946 Leeming, Yorkshire, Eng. 427 Squadron RCAF

Promotion to temp T/ F/ 0 1945-Canada Gazette
0P/O P. A . Righetti, CAN(J03531 )
15 Jun 45 immediately following
T/ F/ 0 II . J . P. Lockett

Mom & Dad. We thank you for your dedication to our country,
your devotion to your family and for your guidance, LOVE and encouragement.


  When our father left to serve overseas in World War II, three of his sisters
   (who were nuns) all vowed to pray hard for his safety.  He had a special status
with his crew because he had three nuns praying for him ... and although dad
    had some close calls
during the war he was kept safe. His crew made their tour
 of operations with the loss of the mid-upper gunner's index finger as their only
   casualty. But an incident
did occur with a new crew when they had to make an
emergency landing in thick fog over England where they barely walked away
  with their lives. This was his closest call, but oddly occurred while he was still
 flying , but shortly
after the war. My father tells me he now understands why,
as many years later … he asked one of the nuns if she had continued to keep
 praying for him after the war ended .  Her reply was “ well, not as much! ”.   

Dad flew 600 hours with 74 different pilots at the controls

#2 EFTS, Fort William, Ontario, Canada
#7 B&G, Paulson, Manitoba, Canada  
#2 OAF, Millom, Cumberland, England
   #22 OTU, Wellesbourne, Mtfd, England
#7 B&G, Paulson, Manitoba, Canada  
#1659 HCU Topcliffe, Yorkshire, England
#432 Squadron, Eastmoor, Yorkshire, England
#427 Squadron, Leeming, Yorkshire, England
#424 Squadron, Skipton, Yorkshire, England


More about the crew HERE



Relatives and family who served in the World Wars:

Sgt. Brian Ignatius Joseph Daly - photo

Sgt. Brian Ignatius Joseph Daly
Born - 1919 London
RAF Volunteer Reserve
Casualty: 17 / 04 / 1942   
Shot down near le Vieil-Evreux

Aircraft: Lanc I L7536 KM-H
Base: Waddington

44 Squadron casualties list
Mom's first Fiance Brian Daly. He said he wanted to be engaged to her, but dared not talk about marriage, because he probably wouldn't make it. He didn't...To my father's credit, in honour of Brian's name, he suggested that their first born son be named after him....and he was named Bryan.
Evreux Communal Cemetery

Lost Bombers site     Info re: Augsburg Raid     Bomber Command Augsburg Raid 

From freeBMD: Daly, Brian I J ( mother O 'Flaherty ) vol. 1b page-185
...he was 23 the same age as mum...
( also a birth for Dympna M C Daly in Hampstead ...Mum had a long letter from his sister )
Marriage of his parents Sept. quarter of 1918
Elizabeth T O'Flaherty and Michael L J Daly / St Martin district / vol.1a / page-1387


Metis Soldier flag - by the artist Max Jerome

Maxwell Joseph Jerome
Father -in-Law
Born June 12, 1922 - St.Louis, Sask.
Died April 3, 2006 - (Wakaw, Sk.)
War Service:
\Enlisted Feb. 1941 - 14th Canadian Light Horse Army - 8th Reconnaissance Regiment 2nd Division Posted to Gov. Gen. Horse Guards - Armoured Reconnaissance 5th Canadian Division
Served in Great Britain, Italy and Europe as a dispatch rider ( motorcycles )

Discharge Nov. 1945
Canadian Light Horse Army
Gov. Gen. Horse Guards

Last Post

Maxwell Joseph Jerome - photo

Service Medals:
C.V.S.M. / 39-45 Star / Italy Star /France Germany Star /
Defence / Victory

Joe Righetti - photo

Florence Irene Jeanne (Maughan) Jerome - Mother in Law

Born July 5, 1918 , Ulgham Grange, Morpeth, Northumberland, Eng.
Died Oct. 11 2007, Prince Albert Sask.

Florence trained as a student nurse during the war at a London hospital, and later at Bexhill General Hospital. She was employed at Bexhill Hospital, Bexhill on Sea, Oct 22 1941.
She met and married Max Jerome in 1943 Hampshire. Florence came to Canada 1946 as a War Bride and Mom, with their eldest son R.M. who was b.1945 Bournemouth.

I have been remiss in not adding my grandmother and mother-in-law to this site, as they were nurses during the war, when they met their military husbands...



Joe Righetti - photo

Clarence (Jerry) Jerome
Husband's Uncle

WW2 Royal Canadian Navy-

Clarence and his wife Lillian both served in WW2


I will be adding Clarence's and Lil's details when family shares military information and dates of birth.

Scroll down for Poem by brother Joe




Joe Righetti - photo

Frank A. Harris - Husband's Uncle



The Desert Rats / 7th Armoured Division British 8th Army.



I will be adding Frank's details when family shares



Joe Righetti - photo

Joe Righetti - Uncle
Born - 1919 Odessa, Sask. d. Nov.4, 1999

My cousin recollects:

1940 Regina - Enlisted in the Army - tried some mechanical training to join the Hussar corp but he said he had no mechanical skills he joined the Navy in 1941 and went from waterless Saskatchewan to British Columbia and then to Halifax and Prince Edward Island...where he learned to swim!

They took them out of harbor
and said JUMP!!!



John ( Jack) Lovell
Born - 1919 Keystown, Sask. d. 1985
Photo: My Cousin's Husband

June 1941 - 5th Canadian Armoured Div.
Nov. 1941 - Trooper C.A.O.S. Royal Canadian Dragoons, Company C.
Dec. 1941 - overseas served: England, North Africa, France, Belgium, Holland & Italy.
1944 - Sherman Gun Operator, 1st Canadian Corps Armoured Car Regiment, 14th Armoured Calgary Regiment ( Calgary Tanks)

Medals: 39-45 Star, Italy Star, France Germany Star, Defence, 14 Car pin & Badge, Liberation of Holland Remembrance Medal (issued 2002 )

 In 1944 his ship was damaged by a torpedo & crew overboard until rescued to a snowy mountain area of Africa, where they were issued blankets & complained of the wet & cold until they saw little African children scantilly dressed and walking barefoot in the snow.






James Thomson - Gordon Fourth Battalion Highlanders

James Thomson - Grandfather
Born: Dec.2 1889
Fraserburg, Aberdeen, Scotland

Died: Oct 8th, 1952
Manitoba, Canada

Military: Trained with 104th Reg.
WW1 - Enlisted 23/9/1914 Valcartier, Que.
7th Batt. 1st B.C. Regiment WESTDOWN 1914 PHOTO
Private with the / 7th Battalion-2nd Infantry Brigade "H" Company.....of the first contingent of CEF deployed overseas 1914
( Lists of men are HERE )....
under Cpt. Leslie Earls Haines & Lieuts. Hornby, Diamond & Thomas...Then changed to 30th Reserve May 29. Wounded, shrapnel in the leg, battle St. Julian/ Ypres April 24 1915

WW1 - Nov 19, 1915- Discharged with commission to Gordon Fourth Battalion Highlanders
2nd Lieutenant 3/4 Gordon Highlanders

according to obit, served until 1919.
WW2 - June 21st, 1941, he was Private Class A - 7th Battalion Canadian Infantry

Joined the department of Veterans' affairs as assistant personnel officer late in WW2. Clerk at DVA Winnipeg after WW2

My Grandfather was buried alive for (*quite some time) after a bombing. His batman who was with the other ranks came upon this pile of dirt and said "Jimmy was around here when it struck"  So they dug for his body to give him a proper burial...and found him alive. It was surmised that he had survived due to the small pockets of air trapped in the soil with him. He always had a nagging cough from the poisonous gasses of the war and this near brush with death. There was a hole in his kilt where shrapnel had struck him and injured his thigh.
( Yes, friends are good on the day of battle, he was a real-life batman hero!)

I never knew my Grandfather...He died before I was born. Mother always spoke so fondly of him. I wish that the rest of the family could have met him!

***** family oral history: Mother's story was "days" and we have found an incident, where, after he'd been injured he was left on the field for one and a half days. However above story has a hole in his kilt, and he had a batman... so he must have been wounded again later in the war. He married my grandmother (a nurse in England) in 1917. My husband ordered his military files from WW1 as a Bday gift for me. At the battle of Julian/ Ypres April 24 1915, he was wounded with shrapnel from his left knee to the thigh and also under his right knee... and had been left on the field for 36 hours! It took monts after surgery to convalesce. I have not been able to get more information for the bombing scenario described above by my mother... wearing a kilt, and an officer means he was with the Gordon Highlanders, and
I was disappointed to see that his military career wasn't followed after his discharge from the Canadian army, as he then served with the Gordon Highlanders until c.1920. I haven't even found a military number for him.

UPDATE: found info he was injured again May 27, 1917 ...Sent to U.K June 6 1917...(from a Gordon Highlanders site where they have used the above quote from my mum)... He married Grandmother in Nov of that year, so perhaps this was the incident described above? This would have been the Battle of Arras then?...need to dig further...Have also been told recently ( by owner of Gh site above) that as an officer....he would not have been assigned a military number.
Please scroll down to additional information at bottom of page below marked*****


Ethel Marion Thomson - nee Blunt Grandmother
Wartime Nurse - War Bride

born Feb. 23, 1878,
Shrewsbury, Shropshire, U.K.
died 1973, Winnipeg, Mb. Canada

She married James Thomson at the Endsleigh Palace Hotel, St. Pancras
Nov. 1, 1917.

I have been remiss in not adding my grandmother and mother-in-law to this site, as they were nurses during the war, when they met their military husbands...

More on James & Ethel HERE



Lt. act/Maj Hubert Porter Blunt - photo Lt. act/Cpt Brian Gaire Blunt - photo

Lt. act/Maj Hubert Porter Blunt M.B.E.
b.1882 Shrewsbury, Shropshire, U.K.
Photo: Mother's uncle in 1915
1915 -2nd Lt. 1st & 3rd Batt Royal Warwickshire Regiment

Lieutenant Acting Major - Royal Warwickshire (Fusiliers) Regiment attached Royal Army Ordnance Dept.


Lt. act/Cpt Brian Gaire Blunt
b. 1897 Crossgate, Durham, U.K.
Died: 1980
Photo: Mother's cousin in July 1916
2nd Lt. 1916 Royal Garrison Artillery
Lieutenant in the Royal Field Artillery Spec. Reserve, WWI

Lieutenant acting Captain R.H.A.
Indian Civil Service 1919-33



2nd Lt. Hubert R. Felton - photo

2nd Lt. Hubert Ratcliffe Felton
Born: 1898 Walsall, Staffordshire, Eng.
Killed in action :
09/10/1917 Ypres Belgium ( Oct. 9)
Photo: Mother's cousin as a child

private : 2/5th south staffordshire regiment

2nd. Lieutenant: 7th worcestershire regiment, Territorial Force

No known grave

Son of Rev. Walter Felton, (Vicar of St. John's, Walsall ) & Mildred Frances Blunt   Sons of Clergy ROLL



Lt. John William Maughan  - photo

Lt. John William Maughan

b. November 4, 1893 -
Newcastle, Northumberland , U.K.
d. August 20 1937

Photo: Husband's Grandfather WW1

2nd Lieutenant - 4th Battalion
Northumberland Fusiliers





Canadian Blood

This poetry was written by Joseph Stuart ( Joe) Jerome while in hospital in Colchester, Eng. between June and August, 1944.
He was wounded on D-Day.

There were no stars
to greet us that early morning,
Just machine gun bullets at dawn.
Dead and wounded lying on the beaches,
Canadian blood running red in the sand.

Grey, cloudy French skies above us,
Angry Norman seas behind.
German soldiers “dug in” in front of us,
Fighting o'er the same foreign land.
Battleships firing bright off the water,
Fighter planes high overhead
Shot and shells screaming in the dawning,
Canadian blood running red in the sand.

Braver hearts never left their homeland
To fight on some far foreign shore.
Dead and wounded lying on the beaches-
Canadian blood running red in the sand.

When the great war of might is over
And I'm home with my loved ones once more.
I know I'll never forget that sad dawning
When Canadian blood ran so red in Norman sands.

Joe Jerome served with the Regina Rifle Regiment

Metis Soldier flag by the artist Joseph Stuart Jerome

*Flag image created by the author of this site, do not use without permission
copyright© Jeanette Jerome

Joseph Stuart ( Joe) Jerome d. September 19th 2003- Obit

Joe Jerome was born on Nov. 11th, 1920 at Domremy, SK. He grew up in the St.Louis area where he worked as a cowboy for the Galloway family farm.  At age 19, he enlisted in the Army and served with Regina Rifles. He was wounded by a landmine in Holland on June 8, 1944.  After recuperating in England he returned to action for the duration of the war. After his discharge from the war he returned to marry Margaret Fagyas and resided in Prince Albert until his death Sept. 19, 2003.  Joe worked for the Saskatchewan Transportation Co. as a bus driver and was a "million  miler". He is survived by four children and their families:  Skip and Lois Jerome, Pat and Doug Graham, Marni and Dennis Mullis and Gord and Theresa Jerome.  Two of Joe's brothers also served in the war:  Maxwell with the 8th Reconnaissance Regiment  and Clarence (Jerry) with the Navy.   Joe enjoyed telling stories about his army days and visited schools on behalf of the Legion for Remembrance Day.    He was quite proud of the fact that he was born on Nov. 11th.



*PLEASE do not use the Remember Header, basic content, or photo images without permission



Now that I know there was another James Thomson 2nd Lt. Gordon Highlanders
I will only point to urls as I am now not sure which is he...Also the doc. dates change
a bit but are around this time he had received a commisssion to the 3/4 G.H.
London Gazette Nov. 20 1915
James Thomson to be Second Lieutenant. Dated 20 th November 1915

Some excerpts from GH Battallion War Diary June 1915 to 1918

Oct 18 to France / Oct 23 1916 C company 5th Gordon Highlanders

Nov 25th, 1916 HEDEAUVILLE
"... Specialist parades were held in the afternoon with specialist officers.  2/LT THOMSON, appointed sniping
and intelligence officer, organized a sniping section, and supervised sniping practice from 3-4 p.m."

"...An advance billeting party under 2/LT THOMSON met the STAFF CAPTAIN at BOUZINCOURT at 10 a.m."

Further war diary info doesn't help so far...but will update when/if there is more information



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